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Your DNA and You.... One Test, a lifetime of change


There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to nutrition and fitness and that’s because we are all different. In fact only 7% of diets actually work and everyone responds to training differently and at different rates! What works for you might not work for someone else, so why waste time with lengthy trial and error, going from one fad diet and exercise programme to another? 

The answer is in our DNA. With just one simple swab test you can reveal your own unique genetic abilities and predispositions, allowing you to better tailor your training, diet and lifestyle choices. It can all be done from the comfort of your own home, even the post test consultation!

Genetics play a vital role in determining who we are and using DNAFit will help you understand what your genetic makeup is and how you can use that to get a better you, whether that is to improve performance or just feel healthier. 

DNAFit is a bespoke genetically guided nutrition and training programme aiming to end the one size fits all approach to training and nutrition.  It tests 45 gene variants scientifically linked to a body’s capacity to respond to training and nutrition and provides detailed reports on how to alter your diet and exercise to meet your goals.

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The DNAFit Package
1. Test, Analysis and Results of Genes that impact Diet+Fitness 
2. Post Test put the results into practice

3. Diet Report 
4. Fitness Report
5. 12wk Nutrition Guide 
6. Online Shopping List for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner 
7. Diet and Fitness Support Guides... explain the genes and their role/impact on the body
8. Infographic..summary of results
9. Genetic profile of Olympic 100m and 400m athletes


Here's what you will learn from the test...from your genetic analysis, we provide a unique genetic deep-dive into the following areas:


DNAFit Diet Report
1. Optimal Diet Type
2. Carbohydrate and Saturated Fat
4. Detoxification Ability
5. Anti-Oxidant Requirements
6. Personal Vitamin and Micronutrient Needs
7. Salt, Alcohol and Caffeine sensitivity
8. Lactose Intolerance
9. Coeliac Predisposition


DNAFit Fitness Report
1. Endurance/Power Profile
Reveal your body’s response to key genes associated with power or endurance potential. Understand how best to train for your body, whatever your personal goal may be.
2. Aerobic Potential
VO2 max is the most commonly used marker for endurance potential, we can help you understand your genetic VO2 max potential.
3. Post-Exercise Recovery
Everybody has a different recovery ability - understand what your genes say about your natural recovery speed, and how to plan your exercise regime accordingly. 
4. Recovery Nutrition
Get to know your body’s genetic need for certain vitamins and micronutrients. Learn how this can help you manage your recovery strategy after hard exercise.
5. Injury risk
Some people are more genetically prone to injury than others, we help you identify where your genes put you on the injury risk scale.


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How DNAFit helped Olympic Athlete Jenny Meadows

Genetic testing can tailor training to improve performance as in the case of Jenny Meadows, British and Olympic 800m runner. After failing to run in the 2012 Olympics due to injury Jenny took a genetic test in 2014. The test found she had a high risk of injury and armed with this new information her coach began to modify the training, reducing the number of running sessions from 14 to 11 per week and replacing them with other methods of training where there was no body weight involved, still getting her CV element, but without the added risk of injuries.

The test also revealed her suitability to power and endurance events. It was almost equal meaning she’ll never be a Usain Bolt or a Paula Radcliffe but is well suited to her event, 800m running. 



"I really enjoyed doing the DNAfit test. It has made me really think about what's best for me specifically and try to make improvements to my lifestlye. Tony was so helpful talking me through the test results and discussing easy ways to implement healthy changes"


Derval O'Rourke - Irish Athlete and Former 60m World Indoor Champion