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Monday, 02 February 2015 00:00

Johns Work Placement

My First 2 Weeks

I’m 22 years old and an honours college graduate having studied Health and Leisure with Adapted Physical Activity since 2011. I’ve experienced the ability of physical activity in empowering those with disabilities first hand through my experiences in college. I’ve seen the impact first hand activity can make on all of us; young and old, tall and small, black and white. Regardless of the subtle differences between us, inertly we all human, and as such we are designed to move. 

I’ve decided to conduct my required work placement with the Listowel Community Centre in Listowel. The centre is in my locality and as such it is also a place I visit frequently. Now at the end of my second week here I feel as though the more things I begin to understand the more there is still yet to learn. The role of an exercise professional has changed from that of simple exercise prescription and instruction to that where such professionals are required to have a wide array of multidisciplinary information necessary to fulfil the changing needs of the client base. Like all information and skills, these eventually can be studied, learned, and mastered. Though I am aware that I can eventually learn these skills I am keenly aware that they only come with constant diligence, determination, and experience.

My experience over the past two weeks has constituted a wide array of elements; I’ve had the privilege to work face to face with various clients with varying goals and outlooks, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some of the various classes offered within Listowel Community Centre, such as kettle bells, circuits, and spinning. I’ve also been provided with an opportunity to meet a wide and diverse range of friendly, hardworking people with goals and interests which coincide closely with mine. This has helped me to fit in well and has provided with a sense of belonging.

Working with the staff of Listowel Community Centre has been a thoroughly worthwhile learning experience, even at this early stage. It is interesting to me to learn of the different background of each of the instructors, along with their own personal ideas of what constitutes an exercise professional in today’s modern society. Each of the instructors also has their own personal methods, strategies, and areas of expertise when working with clients. By paying attention to each of these varying styles and approaches to professionalism within the workplace I believe I have been provided with a better opportunity to carefully construct and develop my own strategies, techniques, and style of approach when working with clients.

I have sensed my desire for knowledge growth further as my confidence continues to increase. I feel this can only help me to continue to develop as I continue to become more enshrouded in my new role and as I continue to form and build upon the series of professional relationships which have been established between clients, staff, and myself over the past two weeks. In conclusion I’ve gained valuable experience over the past two weeks and though I feel as though I’ve learned a lot already I realise that there is so much more yet to learn.

Looking at my practical experiences here over the past few weeks it’s clear that they have been plentiful. I’ve had the opportunity to engage in personal training with a variety of different clients, both on an individual and group basis. I’ve spectated and participated in a variety of classes offered by the centre, such as kettlebells, circuits, spinning and more. I’ve developed further my understanding of functional movement screening (FMS) and have had the opportunity to participate in functional movement screening from both an instructors and client’s perspective through administrating tests and also through being tested myself to allow me to experience the system from a client’s perspective.

I’ve worked with upcoming athletes in a variety of sports, including rugby, Gaelic football, and soccer. I’ve worked with adults young and old and have been provided with the opportunity to assist in client rehabilitation.

I’ve been mentored by the staff at Listowel community centre and have been able to improve my own leadership and instructional capabilities. I’ve developed a greater understanding of the exercise industry as a whole and have improved also my own personal exercise technique through a greater overall understanding of each exercise. 

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